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Piston Crown Access

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Piston Crown Access

Post  fender on Sat 10 Mar - 23:07

Hi Folks,

I know of course the Townmate is a 4 stroke bike but I'd like to see just how much coke has built up on the piston crown with a view to cleaning it; is there an easy way to get good access to it without having to remove the cam chain and all?



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Re: Piston Crown Access

Post  adespin on Sun 11 Mar - 9:50

I would say no, unless you get hold of a micro camera probe and insert it down the plug hole, Aldi stores had such a camera for sale last year, but they are not cheap. Apart from that there is no short cut, the head has got to come off. Why are you worried about carbon build up? unless it's pinking it should be ok. What mileage has your bike done ?

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Re: Piston Crown Access

Post  JohnW on Sun 11 Mar - 17:58

As Adespin has said there is no need to decoke a T80/T50 or for that matter any other 4 stroke engine. Modern oils reduce carbon to minimum unlike early lubricants which back in the early days of motoring created a lot of carbon which required a periodic decoke.
The only time you need to do this is if as Adespin has said the engine is pinking, running rough or has lack of power. Usually when a valve burns out but that would result in low compression and poor starting. IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT


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Re: Piston Crown Access

Post  Duckrider on Sat 17 Mar - 6:43

I will totally agree with what was written before.

The only reason to remove the cylinder head to take a lookat the piston is low compression, or excessive oil consumption.
In the following photos you can see the status of the piston and valves from my own T50, after 50000km hard use as a finisher.
Now he rests and does only 100Kms per year.


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Re: Piston Crown Access

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